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R&D Center/Technology Center

Technical center formerly known as R & D department, established in 2005. IN February 2008, its name changed to Technology Centers. The center is located in Hangzhou West Lake area, construction area of 960 square meters, equipped with physical and chemical analysis lab, raw materials synthesis lab, comprehensive preparation lab, synthesis lab, genetic engineering lab, equipment room, sample room and weighing room. Meanwhile, three subsidiaries with the scale-matching workshop which meet the GMP requirements , are respectively located in Xiaoshan District, Xihu District, Huzhou City ;There are nearly 100 test equipment and apparatus now, including the main research and development equipment, test equipment and testing equipment that value More than 5million.

The Center has 23 professional technical personnel, including 7 Intermediate and Senior title personnel, bachelor degree and intermediate titles or above account for 55% of the total number of center staff, college degree and assistant engineer or above account for 72% of the total number of central employees.

The Center is responsible for the company's technical innovation and new project development, and its main functions include: participation in technical development strategies; Demonstration and implementation of major technological innovation projects the company and then give recommendations and comments; According to market demand, research and develop new products, new technologies, new processes and new equipment with long-term market prospects to provide technical support to company to explore new economic growth point; responsible for the introduction of new technologies and further research and innovation to form a proprietary technology and leading products, and so on.

According to the requirements of development of the company, the Centre is committed to support and develop national key aspects of bio-pharmaceutical research and made a lot of achievements in scientific research. Among them, the use of new biological separation and purification technology to improve the quality and technical content of the existing multi-component biochemical and synthesis peptide drugs, this technology is an industry leader. Research and development of peptide drugs in particular, will become our company’s new economic growth point.

We believe: Technology Center will provide strong technical support to the company by developing new products, new technologies and application.