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Hepatocyte Growth-Promoting (12 capsules)

Hepatocyte Growth-Promoting (12 capsules)
[ingredient] the main component of this product is hepatocyte growth promoting factor (HGF), which is a small molecular polypeptide active substance extracted and purified from fresh suckling pig liver.
[character] this product is hard capsule, the content is white or light yellow powder or granule, with fishy smell.
[usage and dosage] take orally, 2-3 capsules a time, three times a day. Three months is a course of treatment.
[indication] it is used for the adjuvant treatment of moderate and severe chronic hepatitis.
[precautions] the changes of liver function and serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) were observed during the treatment.
[contraindications] it is forbidden for those allergic to the ingredients of this product.
[adverse reactions] no adverse reactions were found in the clinical study.
[packaging] aluminum plastic blister packaging, foam cover polyamide / aluminum cold formed solid pharmaceutical composite hard sheet, 12 pieces / plate × 1 plate / box