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Celebrating Double Festivals and Welcoming the Asian Games

Writer:|Source:|NewsTime:2023-10-10 16:41:14
  To celebrate the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou and the arrival of the Mid Autumn and National Day, and vigorously sing praise to new China and forge ahead in the new era of youth theme, on the afternoon of September 28th, Hangzhou Huajin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. organized all employees to take part in Huajin Pharmaceutical "Safety, Environment, and Health" knowledge competition and company team building activity. We meet in the company atrium to showcase the energetic demeanor of our comrades and their unwavering spirit in the face of difficulties through innovative knowledge competitions and fun competitive activities.
  Group Chairman Gao Liugen participated in this team building activity, acknowledged the important achievements of all staff under the leadership of General Manager Yao Xiaofei, and expressed his blessings to all employees. General Manager Yao Xiaofei thanked Group Chairman Gao and General Director Wei for their strong support for this event. Looking back on the past, there were tears, joy, effort, and difficulty, which reflected that our team is united, hardworking, and able to fight tough battles at critical moments.
  At the event site, everyone was divided into 6 groups by drawing lots based on the color of the bracelets selected for the competition. They participated in collective projects such as "Knowledge Competition", "tug of war between the Asian Games and me", "Pole running between the Asian Games and me", and "Starch Porter".
During the competition, the team members of each group united and cooperated harmoniously. The atmosphere of the competition was filled with climaxes, continuous cheers, and continuous calls. It not only enhances communication and interaction between employees, but also enhances team cohesion and improved collaboration ability.
  It is precisely because of everyone's unremitting efforts that today Huajin is prosperous. Thank you to all employees for their hard work and dedication to the company, Huajin Pharmaceutical has become the joy and peace family.