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cooperate grand occasion, step new leaps, stride forward brilliantly hand in hand

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    The ox goes to the tiger to bid farewell to the old year, and the Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances to celebrate the new year. In January 21, 2022, considering the epidemic control and control factors, all employees of  HuaJin Pharmaceutical gathered in the company canteen, holding a simple but especially warm  reunion to celebrate 2022 Spring Festival.
    Chairman of the group company Gao Liugen attended the Spring Festival Group worship meeting. Mr. Gao said that Huajin Pharmaceutical is the base of the group company and occupies an important position in the group company.  At the same time, he affirmed that Huajin Pharmaceutical played an important role in economic performance in 2021, appreciated all employees for their efforts and put forward new hopes and requirements. Chairman Jiang Caiying of Huajin pharmaceutical put forward new prospects and ideas for the development of the company in 2022.“Wish all of us good health and good luck in the new year”. With the Spring Festival blessing sent by Director Jiang, all employees raised their glasses to bid farewell to the unforgettable year of the ox and smile to us in the vibrant year of the tiger.
    At the scene of the dinner, there was a happy and peaceful atmosphere, saying blessings to each other.  Employees praised the super five-star standard love new year's Eve dinner made by their colleagues. With bulging red envelopes and warm gifts, employees felt the company's deep affection for everyone, and their joy was beyond words.
    Looking forward to the future, the task is heavy and the road is long. In 2022, we will work as one, unite as one, leap forward together, and make brilliant progress hand in hand!