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"Study Party History, Understand Thought, Do Practical Work, Open a New Bureau"Huajin Phar

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To thoroughly study and implementation General Secretary Xi's important speech spirit and the major decision deployment of central party committee in the history of the party study education mobilization meeting, earnestly implement the requirements of party history study education mobilization meeting of our group company, on March 15th, 2021, our group party secretary, chairman Mr.Gao Liugen visted the production base in xiaoshan and mobilized the full learning about the theme of the report of "learning history of the party, the enlightenment thought, does the practical work, open a new bureau" .
In the one-and-a-half-hour report, Secretary Gao reviewed the over the past 100 years’ journey of the Communist Party of China. Secretary Gao pointed out that the revolutionary ideals than days, we need to pass on the spirit of "Nanhu red boat", "jinggang mountain", "long march spirit", "yan an spirit" and "xi bai po spirit", to know the history and must love the Communist Party, to know the history and must love our country, study well and good summary of the party's history, inherit the successful experience of the Communist Party, so that a good job in reality can be do more better and  towards to more better future.
Secretary Gao shared the 26 years’development of Group with us,he talked about
from the initial period on the verge of bankruptcy when establishment company, development process through the detours and setbacks,until to establishment the group company with six subsidiaries today. It seemed to lead everyone to walk through the wind and rain of 26 years of our Group, witness the evolution of our company, and also understand the hardships. This makes us cherish the hard-won today and encourage us to work harder to build a brilliant tomorrow. As the first drug manufacturing enterprise established by the group, Huajin Pharmaceutical should implement the management concept of "treating drug users as parents and siblings" in daily production and operation, and inherit the enterprise culture of "caring for and motivating employees" with heart.
Finally, our secretary&chairman Mr.Gao put forward the request to all Party members: recognize the situation, enhance confidence, hard work;Party members should play a leading role, go to the front lines and embark on a new journey with a high attitude.
" How far you can see history, how far you can see the future."Secretary Gao's report made all the staff learned history and thought deeply. The staffs present expressed that we would learn from history, base ourselves on the present, innovate in the future and contribute to the high quality development of the company.