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Proposal on “clean plate campaign and food saving”

Writer:|Source:|NewsTime:2020-10-29 12:56:03
Food is the first priority for the people. In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive spirit of "resolutely stop the behavior of food waste, earnestly cultivate the habit of saving, and create a shameful atmosphere of waste and proud atmosphere of saving in the whole society", and guide the whole society to establish a good trend of civilized consumption, green consumption and food saving, now the company proposes to all employees:
1. All the staff should adhere to start from themselves, make food saving as a habit, a quality and a responsibility, resolutely stop the behavior of food waste .
2. All the staff should do "civilized dining", "clean plate campaign", take meals as needed, "no leftovers", eliminate dining waste, reduce the generation of kitchen waste.
3. The canteen of the company should strengthen internal management, do a good job in raw material procurement, use and equipment control, reduce raw material waste, do a good job in buffet catering management. Employees should take initiative to persuade and supervise others, and timely stop food waste around them, so that food saving has become a social consensus.
4. In order to encourage the staff to actively respond to the "clean plate campaign", encourage saving and eliminate waste, the administration dept of the company will check the dining situation of the staff from now on, expose the staff remaining more leftovers in work group of the company, and give fruit reward to the staff of clean plate campaign randomly twice a week.
when you have every bowl of rice and porridge,think about how much effort is paid; every piece of clothes,think about how hard it is earned. Let's take active action, civilized dining, cherish food, put an end to the waste on the tip of the tongue!

From the administration dept of Huajin Pharma
Oct 13, 2020 
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