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People are more delicate than flowers go in March

Writer:Huajin|Source:Huajin Pharmaceutical|NewsTime:2020-08-10 07:43:23

Spring breeze, ten miles, apricot flowers open, see beauty, with the spring breeze came. The person is more delicate than the flower, the flower is colorless, the flower is also gloomy in front of the person.
March is a beautiful festival, the best time of spring, let go of the mood, release pressure, embrace nature! On the occasion of this holiday season
The company organizes all female employees to travel to Xianghu Lake in March, so that each female employee can have a relaxed, happy and harmonious holiday, so as to stimulate their passion for work and life.

On the morning of March 10, we arrived at our destination: Xianghu Lake after a one-hour drive. Looking ahead, green mountains and clear waters, branches sprout, flowers to be released, full of vitality.

With the bright sunshine, we slowly along the path forward, quietly appreciate the beauty around, feel the visual changes, and the surrounding flowers, than yan Dou jiao. Away from tall buildings, feel the natural breath, let a person feel very comfortable.

At noon, everyone set barbecue, beauty, they took out their own unique, than who grilled the first. In the delicious food, people share their feelings with each other. The chairman of the company, general manager to the scene, and for the beauty of the scene to provide services, to celebrate the beauty of happy holidays, health, beauty, happiness forever!

While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we did not forget to take pictures to commemorate it, which enhanced our mutual feelings and created a harmonious collective atmosphere.

A day's journey of joy, although feeling a little tired, but the mood is very carefree. The person compares flower charming march line, beauty people relaxed body and mind, alleviated the pressure that work life brings, reflected the team vigor of Hua Jin, enhanced the feeling between the colleague. In the spring of hope, our passion is surging, and flower than jiao, and the company together sail forward!

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