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"Unity upward, happy life" -- remember Huajin Pharmaceutical Cold meal meeting

Writer:Huajin|Source:Huajin Pharmaceutical|NewsTime:2020-06-10 07:38:25

When the summer, the sun burning to hang in the air, baked the earth, in order to enrich the employee's amateur life, in the summer to bring everyone cool, the company decided to hold a theme of "unity upward, happy life" buffet activities.

The main purpose of this activity is to enhance the communication and cooperation between employees and departments, enhance cohesion, carry forward the spirit of unity, and show vigor and vitality.

First of all, by the China jin pharmaceutical yao always delivered a speech, announced this "unity upward, happy life" buffet meeting officially opened, by the collection of beauty, wisdom, skillful hands as the host of this activity.

The activity item is the game link first. According to the department is divided into six groups, respectively by the raw material cleaning group consisting of the solidarity team, the raw material other groups composed of the upward team, solid warehouse group composed of the happy team, the quality management department composed of the youth team, the logistics group composed of the Beauty team to participate. There is a scoring requirement for each round of the game. At last, the ranking is based on the score. We prepared various small gifts and distributed them to all the team members according to the ranking.

The first game is making dumplings, give you prepared six fillings and the wrappers, each group of selected 8 people to participate in, in the end by the specialists according to the beautiful degree and type style discharge rating of dumplings, we haven't the game started between groups are ready, when the host a shout, you can't wait to show his hand, tense match over time, between groups have set out their own work achievement, let you shine at the moment, all kinds of fancy package method lets everybody is novel, dumplings, others bag rose is unique, let specialists to high and low.

The second round is cute animals squatting, each team member intersperses with each other, starting from the command of the host, after squatting, you can point to other animals squatting, Shouting wrong or slow reaction (3 seconds) will be eliminated, the game we all play each other, the whole, fun.

The third round is a charade game. One member of each group, as a player, draws a word from a small box, which can be expressed by body language, but the homophone of the guessed word cannot appear. The other members guess the referring word, and if they fail to guess, they can prompt "pass", which is limited to three minutes. Puzzle content covers the work and life is closely related with us, the name of the group a people to demonstrate that the rest of the people to participate in the contest, guess the higher the score the more, everyone to participate in, occur during various lifelike presentation, lead everyone laugh, everyone by rusty slowly began in earnest, the beginning of the presentation is more and more accurate, we guess is also more and more tacit understanding, a group of more than a set of guess.

The fourth round is a $1.50 game, each group of two people (a man and a woman) on the player's body respectively affixed 1 yuan or pentagon logo, according to the amount of money reported by the host to form a corresponding number, the number that does not meet the number are eliminated, the remaining people continue to combine, until 2 people until the end of the game. This game is a lot of fun, during which all kinds of laughter, all kinds of joy, at last, we are not exhausted, originally prepared for two rounds, in everyone's strong request, and added a round, you play very happy.

The fifth round of the game is the transverse dragon boat, arm in arm with each other, run the 30 meters of the race, to the end of the last member of the team to reach the finish line, the shortest group wins. In the march, each team should always be a whole, each member of the arm can not be released, this game fully needs the tacit understanding and solidarity between the members of each group, but also to enhance the cooperation of everyone.

After the end of the game, the scores of each group in each game will be summarized, ranked according to the total score, and small gifts will be distributed. At the same time, we started to enjoy the delicious buffet prepared by the administration department and various ladies (men) of the company. After dinner, we also prepared a movie and karaoke for you to relax yourselves.

With the careful planning of the conference staff, the strong support of the company leaders, and the cooperation of all the staff, the buffet dinner will be a complete success, with an active atmosphere. Through various games, the staff will have the opportunity to enhance understanding and learn from each other, which enhances the cohesion of the enterprise. At the same time, through the grading and distribution of gifts set, thank employees, motivate employees, create a happy, upward corporate culture atmosphere.

The activity itself is not about eating but gathering. The strength and warmth of the group make everyone smile, make everyone relax after busy work, make employees feel the warmth and care of the company, and make new employees more happy to integrate into our big family. With double enthusiasm into the work, unite as one, common realization of our beautiful vision!

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