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The Mid-Autumn Festival love huaJin

Writer:Huajin|Source:Huajin Pharmaceutical|NewsTime:2020-06-10 07:36:22

Mid-Autumn festival eve, in order to further enrich the worker amateur life, active festive mood, as all the staff to the most sincere holiday blessings and greetings, hua jin pharmaceutical party working group prepared a "emotion of Mid-Autumn festival, is China tianjin" small buffet will be the theme of, spend Mid-Autumn festival together with you, to send home warm and caring for them.

On the dinner party, there were "pumpkin cake" made by everyone, sweet chestnut, fat crab and crisp water chestnut, etc. All kinds of food with the taste of The South of the Yangtze River, so that the busy staff of a day, a brush fatigue, relaxed and happy to have a different reunion festival.

Small dinner, not only affecting the hearts of all Huazin people, but also the deep feeling of Huazin pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the efforts of all of you, Huazin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been able to adhere to the principle of "regarding drug users as parents and siblings" and realize the vision of "sustainable development and leading the peers".

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